for social entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, & brands of change.

Business Coaching
& Design Research


Pairing a state of the art research facility, a deeply connected fitness community, and experience rooted in trend & foresight, consumer research, and design strategy to change how you connect and create with who you serve.

Design Research

For health and fitness brands ready to unearth deeper insight & spark the imagination.


Combining business tools and tactics used in start ups and fortune 500's, with well proven self-betterment rituals and routines to empower you to become an impact focused leader and entrepreneur.

Business Coaching

For purpose driven entrepreneurs & leaders ready to bring their greatest ideas to life.


Our Services

We are a people-first company. Everything COMN is built on is meant to connect you more deeply with yourself, your community, and your consumer. 


Every decision we make together is based on trusted data, research, and synthesis. If we don’t have the answer, we seek to find someone who does, or a source we can trust.


Together, we’re constantly striving to be  our best selves. That means seeking diverse perspectives, experiences, and always learning, growing, and pushing one another.


COMN values

We are creatives-turned-business-owners with decades of experience in the health and fitness space, starting and growing businesses, creating and implementing innovation strategies everywhere from Fortune 500's to nonprofits.

COMN is a culmination of our experiences, learnings—from coaching athletes to leading faith communities, creating change in fortune 500's to empowering local neighborhoods—all combined as a collective, that facilitates growth and impact in the best possible way, together.

We strive to connect, support and inspire a collective of social entrepreneurs, visionary leaders, and brands of change, with the goal of growth and impact for the COMN good.

We're obsessed with
putting people first. 

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