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68% of individuals who hire coaches make a 3.4X return on their investment. 80% report increased self-confidence, & 70% improved performance, relationships, & communication.

Did you know...

92% of small business owners agree coaches have a direct impact on their growth, and 70% survive 5 years or longer.

But, only 1/6 business owners take on a business coach to help and only 1/4 of those are under the age of 35. 

We believe in putting people first, then profit. Healthy people build better businesses that prioritize growth, connection, and positive change for others and our planet. This means a coach that will provoke you to think about others, who you serve, our planets resources, and a sustainable business model.

We Prioritize Impact, Then Income

We would never ask you to invest in a coach who isn’t doing what you’re doing today. We’re practitioners. We share past experiences and current learnings as we still actively experience the transformation of building businesses, implementing strategies, and bringing new ideas to life ourselves.

We Practice What We Preach

We have decades of collective experience coaching, teaching, and mentoring, everywhere from gyms and churches to universities and Fortune 500's. We understand firsthand the impact a coach with similar values can have on one's journey towards betterment and entrepreneurship. 

We’re Lifelong Coaches

Here’s why we’re different.

You might be thinking,

 another online coach…? 

"We’re dedicated to empowering creatives and dreamers to evolve into doers and business owners."

Maybe you have a business idea in its early inception, and need a process and accountability to bring it to life. Perhaps you've taken that first step, but are missing traction and lacking confidence or clarity. Or you've been in business for several years and want to expand with some support and know-how. In all these scenarios a we can help teach and coach you to take your idea to impact, then income—all while prioritizing purpose and cultivating growth.

We’ve experienced firsthand failure trying to implement new ideas, and ultimately the process of experimenting to launch new products and services at scale. We understand no two businesses or business owners are the same, and entrepreneurship challenges our growing edge every day. To aid in these highs and lows, we focus on helping you with both your personal character and business competence to become a focused, effective and resilient entrepreneur, and above everything, we provide you with ongoing guidance, support, and accountability throughout your journey. 

Focus on competence
& character

what we do


Practitioners with purpose.

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Born in Scotland, Andrew was educated at The University Of Strathclyde in Design Thinking, and applied his learnings for a decade with adidas as a Design Researcher & Innovation Strategist. In that time he has travelled to every corner of the globe, responsible for unearthing complex insights, trend forecasting, and connecting these back to critical business needs, to create groundbreaking innovation strategies that have led teams to create World first products, services and business models.

Born in Washington State, Anton led a career in the performing arts, before building his own faith community as a pastor, where he went on to found a non profit, The Common Place. As a truly grassroots entrepreneur, he opened a small community fitness facility in his very own garage for the local community, before then scaling this 5 years later and post pandemic, to a now multi million dollar facility, focused on holistic health and fitness, serving over 250 members, and managing a team of 15.

Health & fitness coaches connected by a common interest in helping people become the best versions of themselves. 

Individuals increase their productivity by 88% when training is combined with coaching, compared to just 22% with training alone. At COMN, we bridge this gap between educational resources, training, and coaching as you apply these learnings in both your business and daily life.

It also takes about 66 days to adopt long-lasting habits, so we build our plans around this timeframe. Our monthly coaching matches design thinking and problem-solving methods used in today's growing startups and Fortune 500’s, with proven rituals and routines to prepare you to be a well-rounded entrepreneur and leader. 

Our process will help you find clarity through preparation, build empathy with who you serve, unlock creativity, develop new ideas, and gain the confidence you seek to take that leap into business ownership.

How We Work,

Our Process

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Monthly 60 minute coaching calls & goal setting sessions

Cohort & individual options

9-5 direct access to your coaches via a private Slack channel

Pre-Recorded Training, Prompts, Templates & Exercises

Everything starts with a candid conversation. On this complimentary 20-minute discovery call, we’ll get to know each other, hear about your purpose and goals, and discuss how we can best serve you.

No business ever started with "I'll do that someday."

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With every new coaching client, we offer 1 free coaching session to a local creative looking to start and own a business that serves their community. 

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